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Amount: €100

24VIP Casino - Player’s struggling to withdraw his winnings.

8.6/10 Very Good reputation Submitted: 17 Jun 2020 | Case opened
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5 days ago - 17 Jun 2020

The player from Germany is experiencing difficulties withdrawing his winnings.

Written by Petronela
Casino analyst and complaint specialist
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I had redeemed a free 20 euro voucher. the requirement was to get 35x stakes.

Miraculously I did it too. Condition: max 50 euro bonus payment

Of course wanted to be paid.

Problem: it first had to be paid in 50 euros to create the prerequisite. So a total of 100 euros payout.

I went through the full identification procedure. Have it confirmed by phone and fill out all forms and passport details etc. The procedure took almost 3 weeks because I made mistakes in the forms written in English and you only get an answer every second working day.

The insolence to 10 was that I should confirm to the casino by email that they had all entered my data correctly. This simple mail with the only sentence "yes everything is correct" also took 4 working days (mind working days in Australia)

Today I finally got the ok that I can make withdrawals.

And that is min. as difficult as identifying. You have to enter everything manually. Iban swift even asked for the address of my bank.

And now the best: transfers only start at 160 euros.

Bitcoin payments from 100 euros

But I don't have a Bitcoina account or wallet

So I can't withdraw any money even after 3 weeks. Neither my 50 paid myself nor the entire 100.

And I can not pay 60 euros because the maximum payment amount is 100 euros and 160 euros would be too much. Everything above 100 is set to zero.

4 hours of arduous support chat brought nothing. the support didn't understand what I wanted and in the end referred me to their "financial department".

I guess I will get an answer in 4 working days.

This casino is the last criminal club. In 15 years of online gaming I have never seen a gang of scammers like this. Stay away from Australian casinos. The support is medieval and cheeky and as a customer just a slap in the face

Automatic translation

Dear Christian,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your withdrawal problem. Please understand, that variety and accessibility of payment methods are not managed by the casino exclusively. Several factors as the Licensing Authority, geolocation, and contracts with the payment providers, all have a major influence.

If you have been advised by the casino to use Bitcoin e-wallet, I would recommend opening a Bitcoin account. It is fast, safe and you can always convert bitcoin to cash and ultimately move it to a bank account. There is a lot of online articles available, where you can learn how it works and decide if it would be convenient for you (e.g https://www.bitcoin.com/get-started/how-to-get-started-with-bitcoin/) Please let me know how you decided and we will agree how to pursue this case. I hope we will be able to help you to receive your winnings as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your reply.

Best regards,


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