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Amount: €1,264.38

All Wins Casino - Player’s winnings have disappeared.

1.1/10 Very Bad reputation Submitted: 24 May 2020 | Unresolved : 29.05.2020
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Against fair gambling codex


Case summary

23 days ago - 29 May 2020

The player from the UK won € 1264.38 on roulette. He requested a withdrawal which was declined, but only €350 were returned to his account. We ended up classifying this complaint as unresolved and against the fair gambling codex.

Written by Zuzana R
Casino analyst

I won on roulette and withdrew 1264.38 however they declined my withdrawal but only put 350 back onto my account , I asked why they said the 914.38 was cut I have withdrew the 350 and await refund but the remaining isn't available, I have an email showing my withdrawal request is pending


Dear Simon,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your problem. Just to be sure - after your first attempt to withdraw (which was declined) only €350 were returned back to your balance and you were able to withdraw this amount. The rest of the money disappeared. Do I understand it correctly, please?

Additionally, have you tried contacting the casino regarding this issue? Did the casino give you any statement explaining this situation? Please, send me your communication to my email address [email protected], or, alternatively you can post screenshots here.

I hope we will be able to help you as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,



Thanks Kristina

I have requested a withdrawal for the remaining 350 but it is still pending, i have forwarded to emails to your address.



Thank you very much Simon for your reply and emails. I will now transfer your complaint to my colleague Zuzana who will be at your assistance. I wish you best of luck and hope to see your problem being resolved to your satisfaction in the near future.


Hello Simon, 


I am very sorry to hear about your issue. I will do my best to help you. Please allow me to ask you a few more questions, so I can understand the whole situation completely. Could you confirm that you were playing without an active bonus? How much was your deposit? Additionally, please forward your game history to my email address [email protected]. I understand that it might seem like a lot of inquiries, but all the requested information is essential if we wish to proceed with this case. Thank you very much in advance for your reply.



I can confirm I wasn't playing with any bonuses

I can confirm my max deposit was 200

I can confirm my max bet was 123.

I have sent confirmation of this to your email address showing bets and deposits.




Thank you Simon for all provided information, i did revieve your email.


I would like to ask the casino what’s their standpoint in this situation. Is the player entitled to any refund? Why was 350 returned to his balance and will he be able to withdraw this amount? Thank you in advance for your reply.



They state the reason is because I staked 30% more than my deposit in one single bet, which isn't true. My max stake was 123 and Mac deposit of 200.

Also I can't find anything staying this withing the terms and conditions.


Please read the terms and conditions again or just contact our support



I have checked the betting times and cross referenced with the deposit times, and this in incorrect.

I have also emailed further information to zuzana

Also why am I allowed to make bets that I'm not entitled to make or collect the winnings?


I would like to ask All Wins Casino again,

why 350 is still pending withdrawal? Is the the player entitled for this amount? Thank you in advance for your reply.



Players are entitled to get a refund for any real money amount they have deposited on the casino as long as it does not have wagers (meaning as long as the player didn't start playing with the bonuses)

As previously suggested, please contact our support, they will be able to help you with processes and time frames.


Dear Simon, 

As you can see, we have tried to get more detailed answer from the casino. Unfortunately, we were not able to reach any satisfactory settlement and the only possible solution is for you to contact the casino support as advised. Please keep us informed regarding your refund. I will be waiting for your reply patiently.


i have contacted them direct and all they seem to do is atop the chat everytime i respond with information backing up there false claims.

please tell me how to complain officially to a gambling commission or the lisencee authority?


Hello Simon,

We punished casino for their predatory and unfair term, there should not be any max bet applied for a real money.

16.2. "Irregular play" includes, inter alia:

Placing total bets equal to or greater than 30% of the value of the smallest deposit currently in play.

We consider this rule unfair and classify this complaint as: "Against Fair Gambling Codex" .


All Wins Casino has Curacao license and you can write an email to Curacao licensing authority for free: [email protected]. This info is from their terms point 20.7.

I am afraid that until somebody from the platform start thinking why their casinos are so poorly rated and decide to change their terms, we can't do much to get your winnings. Of course, we publish your complaint and give the All Wins Casino more black points.