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Amount: 31,000 INR

Bet365 Casino - Player's account was closed, and his winnings confiscated.

10/10 Perfect reputation Submitted: 21 Sep 2019 | Unresolved : 15.10.2019
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No reaction, good regulator


Case summary

251 days ago - 15 Oct 2019

The player has been playing in the casino for a couple of months. He managed to win about ₹31000 but suddenly his account was closed seemingly without a reason. We closed the complaint as ‘unresolved’ because the casino failed to reply.

Written by Peter M
Casino analyst and complaint specialist

Respected Sir/madam,


i want to file a complaint that i opened a account in bet365 sports and casino. iopened account about 2-3 months back. i placed in sports and casino in both. last time i played in casino and after tgat i win above 31000 INR. but at once they blocked my account without any reason. i contacted with live chats emails and also with phone calls but they do not re-open my account or refund my wining amount. customercare executive do not listen my request. i any problem about my account that's first issue but at last they should refund my all wining amount. i requested to bet365  to either re-open my account or refund my all money to my linked account.


at last i contacted a lot of times through phone calls also because i emailed to bet365 that e-mail replied that please contact to customers care no. +44 1782 684757 i contacted it but they does not open or refund my money can say you voilet terms and conditions.my detail as follows eegarding bet365 account. please solve my problem.


i have been connected to you through live chat  and then through phone calls in many tines which you provided on it a fews days back when my account blocked without any reason but could not open my account or not refund my amount. please reopen or refund my account thats all.i further requested to you that please open my account  if not opened my account please refund back my all money to my linked account.lastly i am very very disapointed to bet365. i can not expect from that they will do like this. thanx to all. i can not chat or call or email to you in future .


NAME: Raj kumari


USERNAME: R*******


security pin: ****




Address: ****.


Email address: ****


last payment type: debit card -****


last amount deposit: 22000 INR


last withdrawal: 25000 INR


Amount in my bet365 account : About above 31000 INR  please refund it to my same bank account


Respected sir/madam. My account login problem occur. i am not login in my account id : Raj*****. 


secruity code: ****




Dear Raj,

Thank you for contacting casino-ca.guru. I'm sorry to hear that you've been having difficulties with your account. Let me ask you a couple of questions to fully understand the problem. Did the casino at least specify what part of the Terms and Conditions you had allegedly broken? Did you play with a bonus?


Best regards,



i have not been taken any type of bonus. i rejected the bonus when i created account in bet 365. 


they block my account at once without any reason. i try through live chat which said call to customercare and then i called  through phone calls they did not give any proper explanation and behave very rudly and did not open my account.


if i broken any terms and conditions its separate issue but why did you close my account. if closed then why you not refund my wining amout or my money to my linked bank account.


i have not been broken any terms and conditions i played  on casino and win money that condition i broken.


PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY TO MY LINKED ACCOUNT THAT'S ALL. as any reason for blocked account.


bet365 have no rights to engulf any wining money or any money we deposit in bet365 account. 


i requested to bet365  to reopen my account or refund my all amount if not reopen my account.


with regards,

raj kumari


Hello Raj,

Thank you for the reply. I contacted the casino and now we will wait for a response.


Best regards,

Peter Matuska


We would like to ask the Bet365 Casino to reply to this complaint. We are extending the timer by 7 days. If the casino fails to respond in the set time frame, we will close the complaint as ‘unresolved’.


hello sir ,

is there any response from bet365 casino regarding my closer of account without any reason. 


After that i connected through phone calls to bet365 and also from email but did not  give any response only talk here and there and time pass. i have been also record regarding audio recording also.


llease help me to take my hard earn money.


with regards,

Raj kumari


Hi Raj, 

Thank you for your patience. I'm afraid there seems to be no response from the casino. I can only recommend you to contact the respective gaming authority (MGA). I'm sorry we couldn't be of more help. Since we haven’t received any reply from the casino regarding the issue, we are forced to close the complaint as ‘unresolved’.


Best regards,