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1 week ago ilikeicecream
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1 week ago

Hello guys! i just uploaded a new video talking about favorite casinos from a gambler's experience. I hope you guys like it. Also any suggestions of new vids is always welcomed such as best casinos in France etc. The music is quite London 90s techno so yeah haha

ilikeicecream 1 week ago

Nice video m8!

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ilikeicecream 1 week ago

Please, if you create more videos, add the links into the same thread instead of creating new ones.

Daniel 1 week ago

Sure mate! 🙂

majorgood 1 week ago

Thanks a lot! 🙂 Hope u got the exclusives 🙂

1 week ago

Nice one, thanks for the euslot, 120% plus 100fs low wagering offer. tell us when u upload new content