Forum Slots Withdrawal in Austria, are there any Laws that i should be careful about?

Withdrawal in Austria, are there any Laws that i should be careful about?

1 month ago nerfxd
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I am from Austria and recently i got quite the big sum on an Online Casino Slot, now my question is will i be in danger withdrawaling that money? I can't find anything on Austrias Laws on this topic so i am thinking in this environment maybe someone can help me out.

Thank You very much.

nerfxd 1 month ago

Hi, we definitely need more info about it. What's the casino's name? Have you played with bonus money/free spins or your own money? Do you already have a verified account in that casino? How much did you win (approximately)?

1 month ago


Thank you very much for your reply!!

N1 Casino. Raw money. I don't think i have verified anything if it implies scanning ID and such, is this a factor?

i won roughly 3000€ on 0.20€-1€ Bet

nerfxd 1 month ago

I just asked because some people think that they won, but in fact, they might have only bonus money on their account and the money need to be wagered first. According to what you're saying, there shouldn't be an issue.

Of course, I suppose that the casino will require some documents from you (ID, proof of address, maybe a card photo) since it's probably your first withdrawal. That is normal. N1 Casino accepts players from Austria and holds the license in Malta, which is part of the EU as well as Austria. I don't expect that you should have any issues with withdrawing the money. Of course, I'm no expert for taxes in Austria regarding gambling.

Try to request the withdrawal and wait for the info from casino. Good luck 🙂

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There are casinos that have the maximum withdrawal, you should see the terms and conditions, but with such high sums, can you withdraw everything at once? or do you have to withdraw by parts?

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paulish 1 month ago

N1 Casino should have the withdrawal limit of €15,000 per month so that shouldn't be an issue.