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Amount: A$21,438

Joka Room Casino - Account closure without any specific reason.

8.4/10 Very Good reputation Submitted: 01 Sep 2019 | Resolved : 18.12.2019
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187 days ago - 18 Dec 2019

A player from Australia, who has been playing in this casino for almost one year, is complaining about suspicious behaviour of the casino. The player has spent over $21,438 in deposits (over 564 deposits) and has not won anything. The player also expressed dissatisfaction with the casino’s T&C and how they threat VIP level players. When the player confronted the casino support, they account was instantly closed for the reason of breaching T&C. The player is not aware of breaking any rule. This case was successfully resolved.

Written by Jozef Krucay
Data and complaints deputy lead

To whom it may concern, I have been a vip member at the jokaroom casino since 18th of September 2018 until today. I have spent over $21.438 in raw money deposits. I have deposited over 564 times. And I have no winnings. That being said, forget the winnings as that is part of the business. My issue is, jokaroom casino provides terms and conditons regarding their vip room. Not only would they make excuses up such as deposit to bonus ratio. which was under 10% they also denied me of any cashback not even 1% they did not include me in any of the vip inclusions. even though in the terms and condition its stated that if you deposit stay loyal spend a lot that you will be granted this. After breaching their terms and conditons and poor treatment, lack of winning and false advertising. I finally stood up for myself, at the time as this casino is very shady. They had no management, legal team or management of operations around. The vip hosts say 24/7 but they are around maybe 2 hours per day. The supervisors pretend they are in meeting or busy. So I made a complaint and I informed them that if they dont resolve how ive been treated, im going to stop depositing and start legal proceedings for loss of money and breach of terms and conditions, as soon as I did this a supervisor who has no power at all instantly decides to close my account. without my permission. I overlooked the terms and conditions in their black and white writing confirming that in section 2.1 account cancellations the casino has the right to close a customers account if they breach from 2.1.1 to 2.1.13. In these terms there is no breach, as I have a citizen of Australia and I am a vip customer of a business that ive never breach any terms and conditons regarding rules and I have every right to approach legal proceeding if I may think this fits best. However as a company and an online casino, they breached their own terms and conditions and I made sure to keep all evidence. They kept telling me "management will be in contact with you". As they are higher up. But this is not good enough for me. How can a vip customer be loyal spend 5000 some months spend 21.5 k in 10 months deposit over 560 deposits. have no winnings, no cashback 10% high wagering limited vip bonus and no other vip inclusions and have a supervisor breach the terms and decide I will close your account. I also asked customer service if they have an official license operator and they lied to me and said yes. Once again false advertising. Also when I deposit I must deposit a minimum of 20 AUD and everyone else in the complaints or reviews have stated its $ 10 aud. so you see the treatment has been the worst of its kind. I have had some horrible experiences with casinos over the years and some good. but this is by far the worst. I have always been a vip member at every casino I sign with and never breach and terms and conditions always accept low bonuses. but enough is enough. I hope you will help me with this issue as its unfair that casinos can do such a thing especially to a customer of my caliber that has not had one single cent withdrawn from them or 1% cashback. Thanks guys.


Hello Troy.


Thank you very much for submitting your complaint through our website. We will investigate your complaint. Could you provide us with some evidence to substantiate your claims? Did you receive any explanations and statements when you confronted the casino support? 


Best regards, Jozef





Hey Jozef, thank you very much for all your efforts. I have resolved the issue with Jokaroom casino, as I have been in touch with the highest of management. Two of the gentlemen called me a day apart from each other. They were both understanding and due to their higher position at the casino grasped the situation very well. We have now figured out a solution for my vip status and obviously my account has been restored to normal and an apology was made for this happening. Due to the management being respectful and understanding, I have no complaint any longer for this casino. And I will continue to build a relationship with them. However I have no won as of yet after all of this, which is no ones fault, however we all know the withdrawal process is a very fickle thing regarding online casinos. Kindest Regards and I will be sure to contact you if there are any problems in the future. thank you - Troy


Hi, Troy.


Thank you for using the casino-ca.guru complaint resolution center. We are glad to hear that your issue got resolved. We will now mark it as 'resolved' in our system.


Best regards, Jozef