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Amount: A$200

Joka Room Casino - Player is complaining about a bonus.

8.4/10 Very Good reputation Submitted: 09 Jun 2020 | Case closed : 16.06.2020
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5 days ago - 16 Jun 2020

The player from Australia is dissatisfied with wagering requirements for the bonus. The player closed his account, therefore we couldn't proceed with further investigation.

Written by Kristína
Casino analyst and complaint specialist

This is a warning for anyone who is looking to deposit money into Jokaroom. If you are depositing money into your Jokaroom account for the first three times, it will give you the option to accept a bonus bets promotion. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS. If you do accept it as I did, it will double the money you put in, however, all the money deposited including your original deposited amount will become bonus money. The only way this bonus money can be withdrawn is if you meet the wagering requirement which is a turnover or play-through of 40x the bonus money. In my case I deposited $200 and selected the bonus bets when depositing. They then matched my deposit with the bonus bet promotion so I now had $400 as my balance. However, this $400 was now entirely bonus money. This money will only become withdrawable if I placed $16000 ($400 x 40) worth of bets within 30 days. This is literally impossible with $400 unless you get insanely lucky. So I will never be able to get back this money because I will never be able to place $16000 of bets in 30 days, which is the wagering requirement. Jokaroom are absolute scum for this. I highly recommend never ever using this site.

Thank you for Reading.


Dear Daniel,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your problem. I would like to know, if you want us to investigate your case further, or you just wanted to share your negative experience with us.

Thank you in advance for your reply. I hope, we will be able to help you resolving this case as soon as possible.

Best regards,



Thanks Kristina, it would be nice if this could be looked into further because I feel as though anyone who signs up to Jokaroom and accepts this bonus deal is going loose their money instantly because they will never be able to withdraw it due to the outrages wagering requirements, which I feel is incredibly misleading and morally wrong.


I checked the Bonus T&Cs and I found this:

"2.1. Our bonus system separates balances with a bonus account balance and cash account balance. The player can convert their bonus casino credits into cash casino credits once the wagering requirements have been met. The benefits of such balance treatment are:

2.1.1. Players can see which credits are bonus credits and which are cash credits.

2.1.2 Players can keep track of the wagering requirements, which will help them to know when the bonus credits become cash credits.

2.1.3 Players can keep track of the different wagering requirements on different games to convert the bonus credits sooner.

2.1.4 Players know when and how much they can cash in."

"2.4. Bonus amounts credited to a player's bonus account are subject to:

2.4.1. 40 times (40X) play-through on promotional bonuses."

Please, could you describe how you found out that whole $400 was bonus balance and this amount needs to be wagered 40x?


Originally, I thought I would be able to withdraw the original $200 I deposited once I got rid of the bonus $200 they gave me. However, once I gotten rid of it the site would still not allow it. I then talked to one of their staff through their online chat system and after a very long conversation with them they insisted that once I had accepted the bonus when I deposited, the entirety of that deposit (Original $200 I deposited + the $200 Jokaroom put in) became a bonus, therefore non of it could ever be withdrawn without meeting the impossible gambling requirements. They told me this multiple times after questioned why I couldn't withdraw my original $200 deposit.


Daniel, do you have any screenshots or messages saved, that you could forward me, please? My email address is [email protected], or you can post it here.


Unfortunately I do not have any screenshots of the chat I had with the employee as at the time I did not think I would need them. Additionally, I have closed my account due to how upset I was with Jokaroom. I do have a photo of my account when I had $500 and the extremely high wagering requirement.



Daniel, I am very sorry to inform you, but we aren't able to help you when you closed your account. Unfortunately at this time I could only recommend sharing your experience in our Forum /forum, where it will be accessible and visible for more of our visitors.


Okay thank you.


Unfortunately, the player closed his account, therefore we aren't able to proceed with further investigation. Sorry we were not able to help you with this one, but please, do not hesitate to contact us in the future, if you run into any issues with this or any other casino and we will try our best to help.