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Amount: $10,000

Loki Casino - Player’s lost all his winnings.

7.5/10 Good reputation Submitted: 13 Jun 2020 | Case closed : 17.06.2020
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5 days ago - 17 Jun 2020

The player from Switzerland won a substantial amount. However, the withdrawal took longer due to having a prepaid card, so he continued playing until he lost all his money. Because there was no balance left, we couldn't help more.

Written by Kristína
Casino analyst and complaint specialist
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After months of losing in loki casino. More than 30,000 fr minimum.

Pay very little in comparison to other casinos!

I won $ 10,000 on 08.06 2020 I think.

I was happy, relieved because I was in debt.

And when I go to ask for the withdrawal they start to get smart!

The same prepaid Visa that I paid for months in my name but they are called ELECTRONIC USE ONLY.

I am disposable Visa!

They don't send you a report because they are disposable!

That's where they attacked!

I finally sent them my password and nickname of my Visa account, so they entered and they could see who was registered to it!

But no, they wanted something that can't be achieved!

They didn't block my money, so having a problem with the game I didn't lose it!

But that was what they wanted!

There was no reason to do this to me.

I almost wanted to throw myself out of the window of frustration and the trouble I'm in.

After 2 days of receiving stupid answers, I collapsed.

I understood that it was over.

I replayed them and the day after the bastards replied, sorry ...

Question, to receive 1600 francs on a deposit day, no one ever asked me why Visa didn't have my name?


Now I'm in bed.

Crying with 200 proofs of the casino's bad faith in hand.

But I'm going to report them because they didn't tell me they don't have a license in Switzerland!

I will go to the end!

Cynics, hypocrites and inhumans!

If you want I can send endless mail tests and you will see if it was not easy to prove if the Visa was registered in my name!

I also report them through a Public Prosecutor!

They left me very bad!


Alioth Valdes Grass

Will update.

But they will pay them even if I have to go to the ends of the world!

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Dear Alioth,

Thank you for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do for you under these circumstances because you’ve played all of your winnings. I understand that this situation would never happen if your attempt to withdraw would be successfull, however we could help you only if you had some balance left.

I would recommend sharing your experience in our Forum /forum, where it will be accessible and visible for more of our visitors.

Please let me know, if there is anything, I could do for you regarding this case, otherwise, I will be forced to close your complaint. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,


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Thanks for the reply.

I have all the evidence that I have provided the correct credit card details.

They simply pulled for long because knowing that I had a problem von the game with bad faith they tricked me to fall as I fell.

No casino had ever done this to me.

Others block the money you win by being a good customer!

Lokicasino is a casino that I assure you will fail.

Do you think the yltime words were almost laughing that they had a driver's license in Switzerland!

It's not true!

They lied to me.

I found out that they exercise illegally in Switzerland.

But I'd be in trouble too!

Fortunately, life always gives me reason!

One day I will be 5 years old.

But I will see them cry at all.

You have been very kind.

I won because in the end it was the right excuse to leave the game.

So if someone wants to stop playing, to throw their life into the game.

Lokicasino will help you get out of this disease!

I cordially greet you and thank you


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Unfortunately, because you've played your winnings, we aren't able to proceed with further investigation and we are forced to close this complaint. I understand your frustration, and I am really sorry we were not able to help you with this one, but please, do not hesitate to contact us in the future, if you run into any issues with this or any other casino and we will try our best to help.